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Holiday Depression – Why do I feel so blue when joy bells are ringing?

Holiday depression is well known to our little Sad Mittle. She tries so hard to get into the holiday spirit, but she struggles every year. She decks the halls, and sings yuletide carols yet she still slips right back into the blues. So, what is it about the holidays that triggers her blues?

The Holidays are a terribly busy time for most of us, with so many demands. We have more social events to plan for and go to. Our shopping habits increase, and we must manage the crowds, traffic and our spending. Holiday breaks and activities disrupt our normal routines causing added stressors. Even more uncomfortable emotions arise because some of us are unable to be with family or loved ones.

Our little Sad Mittle couldn’t help but feel it was more than just the blues and holiday depression though. She noticed that she would feel the deeper sadness creeping before the holidays arrived. Not to mention her blues didn’t seem to go away after soon the holidays are over. Instead she would remain in bluesville for months afterwards.

She thought it was just the holiday blues, when in fact she had been suffering this whole time from S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder). So, you may be wondering what is the difference? S.A.D. if a type of depression that happens with the change of seasons. The symptoms normally start in the fall and grow through the winter however some people experience it through spring and summer. Sad Mittle did some research and found these sites to share with you that will explain more about S.A.D.

So,  it may be S.A.D. if you or a loved one experiences prolonged periods of depression around the same times every year. So please consult your doctor for a proper diagnosis. There are various treatments for it including light therapy. In the meantime, be sure to get plenty of sunlight, sleep and exercise.

Hugs & Love from all the Mittles of Mittlesville. We hope your holidays will be bright and happy.


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