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How do our emotions affect our learning

Learning can be hard even on our best days. But, did you know that your emotions play a big part in your ability to learn? This is what he wants share with you…

All emotions are important to us, they can help us with focusing, problem solving and learning in general. 

However, if emotions like anger, frustration, sadness, fear and anxiety are taking over our present state of mind it makes it extremely hard to concentrate and remember what we are to learn. Even boredom, extreme excitement or feeling incredibly happy can affect what we are able to learn at that time.

Bored Mittle understands how his main emotion made school so hard for him. Math class was so boring that Bored Mittles mind kept wandering and he did not do well on exams. He found it hard to focus and learn the lessons due to his boredom. Even though he was definitely smart enough to ace the class. He simply needed more of a challenge to learn well.

Wise Mittle remembers a time when Sad Mittle was really having a tough time learning how to read. Each time she tried and would stumble a bit it would make her feel even more sad. Each mistake she made left her feeling more like she could never learn, and it was a hopeless cause. So now her the focus was on her feelings and not on her lessons.

What helped Bored Mittle and Sad Mittle overcome this? Wise Mittle saw that their emotions were in the way of them learning and recognized their individual struggles. He then taught them about their emotions and how they affect the ways in which we learn. He also taught them the importance of finding balance with how they were feeling by playing emotion games with them.

Wise Mittle knew how much Bored Mittle loved science. So, he explained to him how important math is to learn in order to become a great scientist someday. He then challenged Bored Mittle to pretend he was in big science lab. His goal was to learn how to use math to finish his secret cure for boredom. This helped Bored Mittle to refocus his attention in class. It not only challenged him, but it gave him more of a purpose to learn the math step by step.

For Sad Mittle they played a game with memory cards of all the different emotions. On one side were the pictures and on the other were the words. They started with the picture side and talked about how each emotion she matched up might influence her learning. She had so much fun that when they turned the cards to the words side, she could read them easily.

Now of course Wise Mittle understands it’s not always as easy to help overcome the roadblocks of emotions when learning. But he also knows that learning about our emotions can improve how we learn and react to challenges in life.

Hugs & Love from all the Mittles of Mittlesville

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