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Meet the Mittles – Cute little emotional monsters that we all have inside

                         Meet the Mittles – Cute little emotional monsters that we all have inside.

What is a Mittle? Each little Mittle monster represents a type of feeling or emotion. The concept is that everyone has Mittles (emotions) that need attention. These cute little Emotion Monsters help us to learn how to handle the various emotions we deal with. For example, they teach us that emotions are signs that we need to accept and learn from. Also, they help us to understand that there really is no bad emotion. Even though we can make bad choices and react badly when certain emotions arise. The Mittles help us to learn how to better recognize and deal with emotions in more positive ways. Plus the Mittles can help us reach out and share what emotions we are feeling when we find it hard to speak or express.

It’s quite easy in this busy world to ignore our Mittles until they suddenly are too much to handle. But, when we learn more about our emotions and feelings, we can then understand the warning they are giving us. And the Mittles are a fun way to introduce each emotion and learn more about why we feel as we do.

We are so excited you stopped by to meet the Mittles and hope you will visit them often. Although they are still in the building stages of creating all the fun shops, libraries and more. Yet, they just couldn’t wait any longer to open up their town to all of you wonderful people. So please bookmark Mittlesville so you can return to see what new and exciting things have been built since your last visit. Feel free to browse, there are already a lot of wonderful items in the shops.

Until next time, remember to love all your personal Mittles, they are all there to be your helpers.

Hugs & Love from all the Mittles of Mittlesville

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