Empathy is one of the first Mittles and founded what is known as Mittlesville. She desired to build a place that was safe for everyone to live, regardless of their very different types of emotional personalities. She has a strong belief that every emotion we experience has a good reason for coming forth but, not all actions of the emotion are healthy. She loves to teach the others better ways to deal with those actions that are unhealthy. She is very caring and understands the feelings of others so much that she often feels the other Mittles feelings herself. Her compassion is known throughout the land and she is often the first one the other Mittles turn to. She loves to be there for them in the good times and the bad. She has a very sweet childlike mannerism but don’t be fooled, she carries the wisdom of the world in her words of advice.  Her nurturing nature and love for the others comes so natural to her that she often forgets to take care of herself. No worry though, all of the Mittles love her and are quick to step in and remind her that she needs her time also. She is often accompanied by her best friend Happy, who is always there with a smile to brighten her day.

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