Happy was the first MIttle to join Empathy and helped to build Mittlesville. Happy is a very vibrant Mittle who can always find the good in everything. He is always looking for beauty and sharing it with the others, helping them to remember that even in the dark there is room to find happiness. Sometimes the bouncy and cheerful charm that Happy has can be too much for some of the Mittles and Empathy will have to remind him to calm down a bit. He loves welcoming new Mittles to Mittlesville and showing them all the wonderful sites in town. Often he can be found at Kinds house making thoughtful gift baskets or baking up special treats to cheer up any MIttle who is having a rough day. Because of his love for beauty, Happy is a very creative and artistic Mittle. He loves to paint, draw, write poetry and sing. So don’t be surprised if you see him in the background with a paintbrush in hand and singing his own little tune.

You can meet our pal Angry by clicking Here